The Rev. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew


Warden Paul Reagan and The Reverend Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew congratulate David Whyte upon his commissioning as Verger of Christ Church Manlius.

Christ Church Manlius parishioner, David Whyte, was recently commissioned as Verger.  This was an expression of David’s long and active ministry at Christ Church and came after several months of preparation and study.  Since the early days of the church, laypersons have been commissioned to assist the clergy in the conduct of liturgy.  The position of Verger was developed in Medieval England where they served as the “escort and protector of the procession.”  They walked before clergy, deans, or bishops as they processed within the precincts of the church or cathedral. and carried a large mace or virge, used to dissuade animals or unruly people from disrupting the procession.  Today the Verger typically assists the clergy in liturgy planning and helps in overseeing the preparations and execution of worship services, activities David has ably assisted with for many years.  

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